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Career Development Coaching
with Deirdre Danahar

Expand Your Potential:
Express Yourself Through Your Work

Has the job you loved turned into the job you loathe?
You can have an inspired career that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

Work. It's what you do to earn a living, how you define yourself and where you spend most of your waking hours.

But you might feel depleted and trapped if your once inspiring and challenging career is now boring or, worse, just flat out drudgery.

Maybe you have a job, but you crave a career that is rooted in your talents; yet the thought of traversing the distance between the two is overwhelming.

Or you might be wondering where your professional mojo went and how to get it back.

Sometimes work is like kudzu creeping over the landscape of your life, choking out the best of you.

It doesn't have to stay that way.

Your Best-of-Self Traits
Are the Key to Realizing the Work You Love

Your best-of-self traits are a spectacular constellation of skills, strengths, experiences and quirks that makes you a little (or a lot) different from the rest of the crowd. 

And that constellation of skills, strengths, experiences and quirks is what will get your career back on the path to professional (and personal) fulfillment.

If your once engaging work is now dull and oppressive, expressing yourself through your best-of-self traits will help you reignite the spark so you'll again shine bright.

If your professional calling now fits like the suit from your first high school dance, expressing yourself through your best-of-self traits will give you the direction to transition into a career that is meaningful and rewarding, personally and professionally.

If you feel like you're just another cog in the employment wheel, expressing yourself through your best-of-self traits can help you reconfigure your role so you'll be valued and recognized for who you are as well as for the tasks you perform.

When you express yourself through your best-of-self traits, good things happen.

  • You feel unfettered and focused.
  • You more easily operate at your best - efficient, effective and productive.
    And that makes work more enjoyable.
  • You continue to grow as your career expands and progresses.
  • You're more specific about your next professional move.
  • You're more willing to make a leap - like moving from a safe job you can do with your eyes closed to something new and challenging that makes your heart sing and your mind zing.
  • Bonus: You're quick to tune out your pesky inner critic when it starts yammering.

To make the most of your best-of-self traits, you need to be intentional in your actions and make no assumptions about what you know about yourself.

You must first know exactly what your best-of-self traits are and understand the relationship between your best-of-self traits and elements of the work you enjoy.

You also need to recognize how the skills and experiences you have acquired over time influence (for better and worse) how you use your best-of-self traits. 

Then you can develop (and implement) strategies to consistently use your best-of-self traits in your current work while you plan for your next professional move.

That's a lot to do on your own. 

Career Development Coaching Helps You
Leverage Your Best-of-Self Traits and
Expand Your Potential

My work as a career development coach is rooted in helping people identify and more easily leverage their best-of-self traits.

And I'd love to help you apply your unique strengths, skills and experiences with conviction, purpose and commitment to fully and effectively bring your bona fide self into your work. 

Together we will develop your higher-level skills to draw on your best-of-self traits and make crucial decisions so your work is rich - and so what you do outside of work is joyful too. 

  • Name Your Desire
    One of the first things we'll do is get a clear understanding of the characteristics of the work you want to do, including how you want to feel while you're working, the types of projects or tasks you want to be engaged in and what you want to experience as a result of your work.
  • Uncover Your Best-of-Self Traits
    To feel engaged, unconstrained and self-assured, you need a deep understanding of your best-of-self traits. So we'll identify, in concrete terms, what your best-of-self traits are and how they contribute to your tasks, projects and role at work.
  • Use Your Strengths Strategically
    To make your current work more rewarding, I'll help your find (or create) strategic opportunities for integrating your best-of-self traits.
  • Map Your Next Move
    I'll help you make well-considered decisions so you can take the next step in your career with conviction, feeling self-assured enough to overcome the natural anxieties that come with making a change.
  • Quiet Your Inner Critic
    If your inner critic starts ranting, we'll find kind, firm ways for you to free yourself from self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

You Can Expand Your Career Potential Right Now

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Do you have questions about career development coaching? If you are looking for answers about coaching or want to explore how integrating your best-of-self traits can help your career, please email me or call me at 601-362-8288. I'll be happy to talk with you.

I wanted to learn how to move in the right direction to accomplish my goals and I did . . . plus more. Working with Deirdre helped me face challenges that I had previously resisted tackling as well as addressing things I was ‘tolerating’ in my life. By removing the tolerations I was able to free my time to focus on things that were important to me and my career versus what I ‘need’ to do. I no longer feel guilty about letting go of things that drag me down. I am now creating momentum and see how I can use my abilities and strengths to craft a career I love. I have more courage to work on my goals without letting my inner critic get in the way. Deirdre was a tremendous help. My only regret is not starting the coaching sessions sooner.
— Nicole Kemp, National Transportation Manager, Levi Strauss & Co., Mississippi’s 50 Leading Business Women of 2012 and Mississippi’s Top 40 Under 40 of 2012
Deirdre is an awesome human being, creating a safe space for others to live with purpose as they reconnect with the light inside of them. She helped me understand my talents and weaknesses in a focused way. She has a unique ability to help you uncover your deepest desires . . . and has the smarts and organization to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. I loved how accessible, honest and frank Deirdre was - especially that she was available for multiple calls when I was actively negotiating employment opportunities. She walked me through some tough and confusing situations. If you truly want to be challenged by someone who really cares about you as a whole person and not just you as an individual who can work any old job, then choose Deirdre. Working with her will ignite a fire of passion in you to not only find a job, but achieve your dreams for both personal and career goals!
— Cheryl Hamill, RN, University of Mississippi Medical Center

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