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Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs
With Deirdre Danahar

Bring Your Best-of-Self Traits to Your Business

Smart. Talented. Solution-minded. Self-directed. Structured. 

Definitely not challenge-averse.

If you own a successful business, you undoubtedly have an entrepreneurial spirit. Which is why something in you said: 

"Start your own company. Build your own business. Design your own life." 

And your best-of-self traits (the singular constellation of skills and strengths, experiences and quirks that makes you who you are) are the cornerstones of your business identity. 

They are directly related to the reasons your customers choose you over another business. They're why and how your values are reflected in your business, and they're the source of originality in a business world filled with cookie-cutter enterprises. 

Download an overview of how I help entrepreneurs respond successfully and proactively as their organization changes and grows.

Best-of-Self Traits Fortify an Entrepreneurial Spirit

It's no secret that entrepreneurs grapple with a unique and complex set of seemingly contradictory leadership challenges. 

  • They are required to lead by example, motivating and leading themselves while simultaneously inspiring and leading a staff.
  • They need to own a dual personal-professional identity - being the business and owning the business.
  • They take on what can seem, given the above requirements, like a contradiction: in order to create a healthy interdependence between professional and personal, they need to separate themselves from the business.
  • They have vision, take initiative and are capable of shouldering an astonishing amount of responsibility, all of which can feed into the entrepreneurial fallacy that strong, successful business owners should be able to do it all - and can do it all - on their own.

Here's the good news: 

It is far easier to work through (and live through) these challenges when best-of-self traits are consciously forefront. 

Coaching Amplifies Your Best-of-Self Traits

Because working with my clients' best-of-self traits is the core of my coaching philosophy and strategy, I offer them the opportunity for powerful personal growth as well as structured and strategic business growth. 

  • They expertly manage the paradoxes of self-employment.
  • They experience less conflict - internal and external, personal and professional.
  • They maintain (and grow) their vision and creativity.

And I'd love to help you do the same. 

  • Using your best-of-self traits, we'll work together to create leadership strategies for you to more easily and confidently be the standard-bearer for your business, leading yourself and the people you work with, with ease and grace.
  •  We'll partner to address the nuanced personal-professional duality inherent in entrepreneurship by delving deeply into your character strengths and experience so your business continues to be infused by your creativity, your curiosity, you values - what's best in you.
  • We'll introduce a new context for work-life balance that will help you create a natural and responsive flow between work and self. You'll more easily untangle yourself (and self-worth) from your business and confidently create space for restorative time away from work.
  • As a member of your business team, I'll help you build a sustainable framework of support inside and outside of work. With good-hearted connections, and reliable and relevant resources (including me), isolation and overwhelm will fade away.

And all that is not only good for business.

It feels good. Because cultivating your best-of-self traits through work also amplifies your sense of accomplishment, underscores your value and puts rockets on your creativity. And isn't that the kind of professional you want to be?

You Can Bring Your Best-of-Self Traits
to Your Business Right Now

Get my free workbook 7 Rules for Making a Life, Not Just a Living (a $49 value) in your inbox today. Inside you'll find a plan for defining and apply your best-of-self traits so you can do your best work, create your best life and continue to be an inspired entrepreneur.

Questions about coaching? If you have questions about coaching or want to explore how more fully integrating your best-of-self traits can help you and your business, please email or call me at 601-362-8288. I'd be glad to connect with you. No pressure, no sales spiel. Just talk.

The most important thing you helped me discover is how to weave my signature strengths into my career and how to serve my profession by focusing on my strengths. I’ve always known what some of my strengths were, but you helped me to both see them more fully AND understand how to integrate them in my professional life. Now when I look at my career choice and my innate strengths, I see the natural fit between them. This makes work more enjoyable and more meaningful. I am not measuring myself against others’ successes; I am focused on creating my own.

”Walking me through first taking in the big picture of a project and then funneling into specific tasks and actions makes the overwhelming possible. Instead of letting things spin out of control or grinding to a halt, I can breathe, relax, refocus and move ahead. Now I am prepared to work through other big leap professional projects. I am also able to facilitate this level of best critical thinking for my staff and mentees. Thank you!
— Ryan Pratt, JD, Mediator and Attorney, Pratt Law Firm, Jackson, MS
I am grateful for the work we did, Deirdre Danahar. Your coaching provided me with a new outlook on life and erased years of negative thinking. Your encouragement as well as reality checks provided the basis for Brice Media moving from an idea to a storefront. Now I am clear and focused 95 percent of the time instead of 10 percent of the time. When I get off track, I can get right back on. Working with you gave me 20 years of my life back, by clearing away my negative thinking and self-doubt. You can’t put a price on that.
— Talamieka Brice, CEO, Brice Media, Graphic Design USA 2013 Person to Watch, Mississippi’s 50 Leading Business Women of 2013
At first I was a bit skeptical about paying someone to turn the mirror on me once again - I’ve been through most forms of ‘counseling/consulting’ known to man. After interviewing Deirdre, I knew this would somehow be different, and beneficial. Deirdre is truly an amazing person - smart, talented and very intuitive. She brings all of her talent to bear in her professional coaching, and she has a real knack for being able to hold you accountable for following the steps toward betterment that are laid out between you. She helped me gather the strength and clarity I needed to move me forward in my career, and for this I am eternally thankful to her.
— Chef Dan Blumenthal, Co-Owner Mangia Bene, Inc. Restaurant Management Group, US Small Business Association Mississippi 2013 Business of the Year

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