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Social and Emotional Intelligence
Coaching, Training and Assessment

With Deirdre Danahar, ISEI® Certified Coach

Smarts are important, but your IQ doesn’t guarantee success.

Your technical skills are important, but they don’t offer rock-solid assurances for success either.

It’s your people skills that very likely matter more.

Your ability to get along well with colleagues, direct reports and your superiors, and persevere in the face of conflict will get you a lot further than an extra 10 or 20 IQ points.

Over the years as I’ve helped professionals identify and use their signature strengths, I’ve come to see that Social and Emotional Intelligence is a key strength in their success. And research by Stanford University, the Center for Creative Leadership and others back this up.

The most successful people in work and in life have the ability to manage themselves and manage their relationships with others.

  • The customer service representative who becomes a trusted resource by listening closely to clients’ wants and addresses their concerns
  • The co-worker who is able to anticipate and adjust to change by considering various perspectives and rethinking assumptions
  • The direct report who listens to feedback without getting defensive
  • The boss who can scan a room and zone in on the power people right away

They have Social and Emotional Intelligence. 

Social and Emotional Intelligence is understanding and being aware of yourself and others, and using that awareness to shape your behavior, including your response to challenging situations and managing your relationships with other people.

Unfortunately, awareness of Social and Emotional Intelligence is most prominent when it’s missing.

  • The co-worker no one trusts
  • A colleague who just can’t stop jumping in to offer their conclusions, solutions or opinions
  • The boss who explodes when a deadline is missed
  • The direct report who can’t handle stress
  • The office bully who leaves a toxic cloud in the organizational climate

Lack of Social and Emotional Intelligence limits their degree of success.

Research by both the Center for Creative Leadership and Stanford University points to poor interpersonal skills as a key element in professional failure, particularly at the executive level.

Here is the good news.

Social and Emotional Intelligence can be learned and strengthened throughout our lives. It’s never too late to add these essential skills and enhance career development and advance team performance. And studies conclude that the fastest way to enhance Social and Emotional skills is through coaching.

Cultivating Social and Emotional Intelligence is a smart thing for anyone to do, and it’s vital for you and your staff members if you are a corporate team leader, a small business owner with employees or an individual who wants to . . .

  • Develop more rewarding relationships personally and professionally
  • Manage emotional responses more effectively in the moment, shaping them to be productive (versus operating from knee-jerk reactions that aren’t likely to get the desired results)
  • Read other people’s emotions more effectively and have smoother, more fruitful interactions
  • Be more intentional in life and work
  • Cultivate interpersonal communication skills in order to better navigate a relationship-based world
  • Manage conflict and stress more productively
  • Increase enjoyment and resilience in life

And there’s more. Social and Emotional Intelligence encompasses stress management, powerful influencing skills, change agency, teamwork and collaboration, trust building and much more.

My Social and Emotional Intelligence
Training and Coaching Services

As a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach® through the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence® I have wealth of tools and materials at my disposal, each designed to help you and your team be more successful, professionally and personally. 

Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessment
The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile® measures 26 social and emotional competencies. It is the most comprehensive assessment available and is based on the model of Social and Emotional Intelligence used by more than 75% of Fortunate 500 companies.

To find out how how this assessment can help your team gain strengths and potential development needs when it comes to social and emotional intelligence, click here.

Social and Emotional Intelligence Training
Customized training that’s right for your organization introduces your staff to the 26 Social and Emotional Intelligence competencies and gives them valuable information about which are most important for success - and how to use them in their work.

Here is what your company could experience in a training.

Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Teams and Individuals
Personalized coaching for you and your team builds Social and Emotional Intelligence. We’ll focus on strengthening Social and Emotional Intelligence competencies such as key relationship management skills, keeping destructive emotions in check, working calmly under stress and pressure, persuading and negotiating more effectively and more.

Learn about how I work with people to develop their Social and Emotional Intelligence by clicking here.

Business Case for Social and Emotional Intelligence Training and Coaching
Social and Emotional Intelligence is not just a nice collection of soft skills. In today’s marketplace it is vital people understand and are aware of themselves and others, and use that awareness to shape their behavior, including their responses to challenging situations, and managing relationships with other people. A workforce with strong Social and Emotional Intelligence is best able to compete effectively in today’s marketplace and move to the next level of success.

Learn about the tremendous results organizations like L’Oreal and the U.S. Air Force experienced by cultivating Social and Emotional Intelligence in their staff. 

Are you ready for the next level of success?

Please call me at 601-362-8288 or email me to explore how I can help you cultivate Social and Emotional Intelligence in yourself and your team.

Click to download a summary of my Social + Emotional Intelligence services.

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