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Life Coaching with Deirdre Danahar
Work-Life Flow: Making a Life While You're Making a Living

You can have stability and priorities without living within an equation.
You can do better than balance.
You can flow. 

A lot people talk about the art of achieving a work-life balance.

Balance means giving equal time and energy to every area of your life. And that requires constant (and exhausting) evaluation, deliberation and calculation. It demands a relentless cycle of appraising and quantifying and justifying in order to get through a too long to-do list in hopes of creating equilibrium, delight and contentment. (I don't know about you, but my head hurts just thinking about it.) 

Balance just isn't a realistic goal. 

So when I talk to people about personal and professional fulfillment, I don't talk to them about
work-life balance.  

I talk to them about work-life flow. 

Life Coaching: Find Your Best Work-Life Flow

My approach to life coaching is helping people find the best flow between their work and the other parts of their lives. Without sacrificing one for the other. 

Making a life is investing in the important aspects of living (and that includes having an income) while embracing what feeds your soul, enriches your experience, nurtures your ability to cultivate wisdom and makes you smile, laugh and cry. It is a full-blooded, full-bodied journey that unfolds over time.

Making a living is earning an income that supports your ability to feed, shelter and clothe yourself and those you care for.

Creating flow between your life and your work is how you develop your ability to make a life while you're making a living.

When your life is in flow, you will . . .  

  • Have focus and harmony in your life
  • Spend your time wisely and complete tasks more quickly
  • Quiet that nagging voice in the back of your mind that yammers
    about what you should be doing
  • Wake up with energy and ideas to bring to the table
  • Enjoy spending time with family and co-workers instead of feeling obligated and drained
  • Say yes to what matters most to you and feel good about saying no
    to what you don't want or need to do
  • Give yourself some much needed and deserved attention
    (believe me, you have earned it)

Finding your best work-life flow is fulfilling because you are really jazzed about how and where you spend your time and energy.

When you have work-life flow, you make a life and a living with ease.

I'd Love to Help You Find Your Best Work-Life Flow

We'll work together to uncover the elements of what your best work-life flow would look and feel like. 

Then I'll help you put first things first so that what is important takes precedence in your life and you give yourself what you need. 

We'll unearth surprising (often delightful) insights that move you to take action that you might not otherwise take. 

I'll help you be as compassionate for, lovingly honest with and respectful of yourself as you are with your most cherished friends. 

And we'll figure out ways for you to give back to others without feeling sapped. 

Start Finding Your Best Work-Life Flow Today

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Bonus: To help you stay on course, once a month I'll send you an article full of practical ideas and inspiring insights from me twice a month, that you can apply to your own work and life, and share with friends, colleagues and family - at no cost to you. 

Do you have questions about life coaching? Let's chat. We'll start to uncover what your best work-life flow would feel like, what's blocking your flow, and we'll find out if we are a good match. Please email me or call 601-362-8288. I'd love to connect with you.

This year, instead of setting resolutions that I likely wouldn’t keep, she helped me to set realistic life goals. Working with Deirdre helped me to pinpoint areas of my life that needed more organization and our sessions helped me to make tough decisions about exactly where I wanted to be in my professional and personal lives. Since working with Deirdre, I’ve gotten a much needed boost in creativity, energy and drive. Anyone could benefit from starting off their year with a coaching session and Deirdre makes it very convenient through use of phone calls and email for those who don’t often have time to meet in person or those who don’t live in Mississippi.
— Undrea Nash
In a period of significant personal changes, your insightful coaching helped me articulate my desired future and create a path to a renewed and more fulfilling life. Thank you for your willingness to support, encourage, and challenge me to discover new possibilities. I feel that, with the tools you gave me, I will be able to fulfill my professional and personal goals.
— Lourdes Vazquez, MSW, Maryland
Deirdre is a knockout coach. She works with a charm, elegance and precision that reflects her deep knowledge. Her skill and intelligence is matched by her compassion for all the challenges we face as people. My work with Deirdre has been immensely helpful in moving me forward with many projects, with the exact right next step. She is excellent company on my journey, using her insights to take me to delightful discoveries. Working with Deirdre is a pleasure and a success story rolled into one.
— Marc Berger, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist, Boston

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