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How to Solve Your Biggest Challenges in Less Than 2 Hours

You've been reading about the personal and professional transformation that happens when people learn more about their 24 character strengths and create strategies for using their strengths to resolve their most perplexing professional challenges.

You know the ones – they make you feel heavy, slow, disheartened and bewildered.

This is your chance to get out from under the weight that you’ve been carrying.

You Have 24 Strengths with the Power to Transform You (and Your Work)

Anyone who has prepped for a job interview knows they need to formulate an answer to the question “What is your greatest strength?” But what about your other 23 strengths? The ones that, for most of us, fly under the radar of self-awareness.

The Jump-Start Session is a quick-start program designed to give you a deeper understanding of your 24 strengths coupled with personalized strategies you can use immediately to tackle some of the most difficult challenges you face in your work.

  • Shape your career around who you are versus
    shaping yourself to a job
  • Build a business that is deeply rooted in who you are
    and what you do best
  • Infuse an increased sense of authenticity into
    your management style
  • Create more ease walking your talk at work
  • Make wise decisions about roles and responsibilities in a business

When you use your strengths in strategic, informed ways at work, those strengths and insights come forward in your personal life too.

  • Shift from a “what’s wrong” to a “what’s strong” way of living your life
  • Acknowledge problems without getting lost in them
  • Focus your mind and efforts on what is best and good
  • Develop more confidence and push yourself to evolve as a person
  • Feel energized and enterprising
  • Connect with others, creating mutually supportive and meaningful relationships

Your Transformation Begins with an Unleash Your Strengths Jump-Start Session

The Jump-Start Session takes less than 2 hours and has 3 parts – 1 for you, 1 for me and 1 for us together.

If you’re ready to jump, let’s schedule your session today. 

Are you interested but want to know more of the details?  Please read on.

Part 1: A 30-Minute Assessment That Finds What’s Best about You

The 30-minute online assessment is designed to measure your character strengths - what’s best in you. The assessment is a well-studied, respected test that has been taken by more than 1 million people in 250 countries over the past 10+ years.      

Knowing your strengths is the essential first step you take on the path to grounding your insights, strategies and actions in a strengths-based approach - building on a strong foundation of what’s working, not what’s lacking.

Part 2: An Assessment Review Helps You See beyond Labels

I will review your assessment and create a personalized structure that will help you see beyond the descriptions and categories within the assessment results. We’ll look at how your 24 character strengths rank and cluster.

Learn How Your Strengths Are Ranked

Ranking gives you a deeper understanding of your strengths, helping you be more mindful about which strengths you are likely using, along with an awareness of the strengths you might not otherwise tap into to and bring forward.

  • Top-level traits are the 3 to 7 traits you use so innately and effortlessly, you often take them for granted as personality traits, not the high-level character strengths they truly are.
  • Middle-level traits are the next 5 to 8 strengths you can easily and reliably call upon when needed.
  • Lower-level traits are the remaining 5 to 8 strengths that you call on least often and that take the most effort for you to do so.

Now I understand how my strengths cluster together.  . . . This affirmed “where I am” in forming a new business where I can use my calling toward social activism. Before our session I had an idea of what my strengths are, but I was at 5 on a scale of 1-10 in knowing how to best leverage my personal qualities and now I am at 10 now that I have strategies to effectively use my strengths. Karen Wylie

Learn How Your Strengths Are Clustered

Knowing how your strengths cluster helps you understand what gets in your way, where you get stuck and how you can avoid these booby traps. It also helps you understand how your strengths can be used to complement each other.

  • Self-focused strengths
    perseverance, curiosity, open-mindedness, social intelligence and self-regulation
  • Other-focused strengths
    forgiveness, leadership, honesty, bravery, love, kindness and teamwork
  • Strengths of mind
    love of learning, perspective, critical thinking, humility, prudence, creativity and fairness
  • Strengths of heart
    hope, spirituality, appreciation of beauty and excellence, zest and gratitude

Part 3: A 75-Minute Private Phone Session That Transforms Insights into Action

This is where the real magic of the Jump-Start Session happens. Together we transform the insights from the assessment into practical, useful and meaningful action.

In a private 75-minute session, we’ll take a clear-eyed look at how your strengths are (and are not) showing up in your life, and I’ll help you create personalized strategies you can use immediately to tackle some of the most difficult challenges you face in your work.

Using your strengths with intention and thoughtfulness helps cultivate a fulfilling career (and supports you living your best life).

What you started in my Jump-Start session is always in the forefront of my mind, now that I have seen how my true desires and purpose fit within the realm of my professional life.  . . .  I have you to thank for helping me focus my energy where my passions lie.  B.G., Raleigh NC

Solve Your Greatest Challenges with Your Strengths 
Schedule Your Jump-Start Session Today

In less than 2 hours, you can deepen your understanding of your strengths, learn to recognize patterns that challenge you and create solutions drawn from what’s best in you.

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