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What is your Body Language Saying about You?

Ever wonder what kind of first impression you are making? Or try to put your finger on why a meeting did not go the way you expected, even though you were very careful about the words you used?  Your body language may provide you with valuable insights.  

The way people respond to you is determined by so much more than just what you say, how you say it, the clothes you wear, your hairstyle and makeup, and your overall confidence, or lack thereof. It’s dependent on all of those things and more…it is affected by your body language. If you want to know how you are being perceived by others, it’s important to understand some common mistakes you may be making unconsciously.  Read more including important Do's and Don't's in my recent interview with Well-Being Magazine. 

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This article is shared with permission from Well-Being Magazine. It was originally published in the magazine’s January/February 2017 issue. For more from Well-Being visit

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