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Social and Emotional Intelligence Training

Social and Emotional Intelligence is not static. It can be learned, and people’s Social and Emotional Intelligence tends to grow stronger with experience and age, unlike IQ, which changes little over time. With the right training (and coaching), people can develop practical skills to become aware of, develop and maximize Social and Emotional Intelligence in work and life.

I’ll work with you and your organization to design a customized training that’s right for your organization. See the Business Case for Social and Emotional Intelligence for examples of organizations that brought Social and Emotional Intelligence training programs into their workplace and the exponential effect the training had on bottom line results.

When your team participants in my Social + Emotional Intelligence training program, they will . . .

  • Learn about the four-quadrant model (the building blocks of Social and Emotional Intelligence)
  • Gain an understanding of the business case, and health reasons, for enhancing Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Receive an introduction to the 26 Social and Emotional Intelligence competencies (and find out which ones are most important for success)
  • Take an individual Social and Emotional Intelligence assessment to identify strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Draw up individual development plans to enhance their Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Receive individual follow-up coaching (optional)

My training has interactive exercises and customized modules that create multiple opportunities for all participants to learn about as well as explore and enhance their Social and Emotional Intelligence skills.

This training can be customized for groups of varying sizes.

Please call me at 601-362-8222 or email me for more information about how this training can help you create team synergy and inspire high-level performance in your staff.

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